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Art Post!

Warning: There are a whole bunch of images in this post. For the sake of your internet connection, I’ve had them all shrunk down a bit, so click on an image to see it in full size.

You know what I think? Art is awesome! But you knew that I thought that already. As a treat for you today, and as a break from 1000-word posts, I’ll be showing you a bunch of my favorite fantasy art! Concept art, character design, scenery, scenes, and anything else I can think of, in all of my favorite styles!

It’ll only be video game official art, concept art, screenshots, etc, since I don’t feel like scouring the internet looking for sources on original artwork. Most of it came from a video game art site called; the rest you can find in a five-second Google search.


Let’s start off with a very beautiful and unique game, Shadow of the Colossus.

The atmosphere in SOTC is just breathtaking. These are all actual screenshots from the game, by the way.

This one is concept art.

Moving on…

I have not yet found the means to play Dragon Age: Origins, but I was very impressed with the concept art. This is a dark fantasy Western RPG.

Oh yeah, and I guess there should be a dragon too.

Next: Valkyrie Profile 2, a weird platformer/JRPG thing. I couldn’t get through the actual game, but most of its art is lovely.

I’m confused by this picture because I though the Valkyrie and the girl were sort of the same person… oh well.

I love stylized artwork too!

This is Amaterasu from the action-adventure game Okami. She is the coolest wolf ever. Can other wolves make the sun rise on command? I thought not.

Amaterasu concept art.

Some scenery from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which has a beautiful Impressionistic art style.

Not all fantasy has to be medieval, of course.

This is promotional artwork for the Persona series. They’re urban fantasy JRPGs and can be somewhat creepy.

The exaggerated limbs and angles give the art a real urban fantasy feel.


Is that all, you ask? Of course not. But this post was getting long.

Oh right, one last thing. Zelda fans? You will love this (warning: ridiculously huge image) and the making of.

Non-Zelda fans should take a look too, because that is some incredible digital painting.


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