So looking through my search terms…

…I found that most people (unrelated to the people in the class I’m taking) stumbled onto my blog while searching for three things. The first was for some of the anime that I had reviewed, and the second was for information about Tantarian (the unofficial mascot of the Library of Alexandria, who I will sort of be making a post about as the semester finale).

The third and most popular search term was for magical realism– specifically, information about the short story that gave me the idea to make that post in the first place: “The Third Bank of the River”. It seems like a lot of students have a class that was similar to mine. So they came to my blog hoping to make sense of that thing. Sadly, they did not get the information that they needed. This is very unfortunate, as there is pretty much no information about “The Third Bank” anywhere on the internet, and you’d better believe I was looking for some as I was reading it.

So to you poor people who had that story forced on them, first: My deepest sympathies. I understand exactly how you’re feeling right now.

Second: Do not despair! With the help of my handy-dandy World Lit notebook, I will now try to give you the information you require.

Note that these are direct transcriptions of my in-class notes. I am not responsible for your inability to interpret the stuff I scribbled down while daydreaming about getting back to my room and going back to sleep.


–Rosa marked significant transition in Latin-American lit– magical realism

–boat = responsibility/adulthood? possibly running away from/rejecting death

–is it the family keeping him there? why did he stay?

–dichotomy – so close and so far away – in a moving river but never moving – certain empowerment from being in the river

— not a physical barrier btwn river + shore – symbolizes conflict in life

— movement vs. permanence – father stays still, son never moves on

–moving water = life, father immersed in life, but not moving w/it – tension btwn him + people on shore – it’s them who are removed from life

–transcend logicality (this is underlined but WordPress doesn’t have an underline button) – move to the third bank (this is also underlined), the illogical, irrational one

–illogical things not questioned, not meant to be taken literally

–where real forms are combined in ways that do not conform to daily reality

–very popular in Latin America – response to Western logic/realism

–art of surprise – messes w/time/narrative structure

–start in realistic settings, but no logical explanation – not about finding the answer.


I hope that was useful in some way (even if just for a confused laugh)! Again, none of those magic realism things are by themselves bad. Shows like Utena use them masterfully, and that’s why I love a good fantasy like that. But this story… ugh.

The next post will probably be my last. It will be a tribute to the origins of this blog’s namesake, the Library of Alexandria. Yes, it involves a city called Alexandria which does happen to have a library in it.

It's actually in Alexandria Castle, but whatever.


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